Paris - France
Business Line
Datacenter Skill Unit
Education Level
Diploma of Computing Engineer from ESIEA Engineer School (Paris)
  • Career milestones

    At the beginning of my career, I worked for PC and Network manufacturers. Later, I took part in the creation of a new company in Network Consultancy (providing training and consultancy on Microsoft Server technologies). After this experience, I worked as Project Manager and Architect for two Computing Services Companies.

  • Everyday life

    I am currently working as Infrastructure Architect by GDFSUEZ IT. My role is to define new architectures or the evolution of the existing architecture, to present them to a Group Technical Committee for validation, and to manage implementation steps. The base of the architecture is the Group Infrastructure delivering Office services to around 30000 users). This infrastructure is based on Microsoft Infrastructure technologies, like Active Directory. I am also working with the Experts on the different related topics (AD, Security, File Services, Network, Virtualization, Backup, …) and with SDI projects like the Next Generation WorkPlace project. I've worked on the GDFSUEZ mission since 2010, and have had the opportunity to work on the main evolutions of the Group AD infrastructure since 4 years.

  • Personal life

    I like Sport , and especially Basket-Ball that I also practice. I also like reading, fiction and non-fiction, especially science-fiction and history.